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AMGIOS A/C and Heating LLC. is proud to announce, we are now offering HIGH efficiency complete RUUD A/C and Heating Systems beginning at 14 SEER and now up to 20 SEER. (SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating)


  • RUUD is RELIABILITY and has a proven track record of unparelleled trust with customers.
  • RUUD is QUALITY. RUUD HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment is built to last. Quality is built into every product that is sold and installed.
  • RUUD is CUSTOMER PEACE of MIND and PROTECTION, did you know RUUD offers up to 10 year limited mfg warranty at no extra cost.
  • AMIGOS Air Conditioning and Heating LLC. is EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. AMIGOS is here to help with top-notch customer service and support. John Villalpando, Owner AMIGOS A/C and Heating LLC,

Posted on May 30, 2017